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  • Courtney Ngai

Listen up, it's Nancy

Back when I had a 45-minute commute, I enjoyed listening to podcasts. With an hour and a half of potential ear time per day, I downloaded a variety of podcasts to occupy my time. I first became aware of bitcoin courtesy of Planet Money, learned about the underground network that connects trees in ways I never thought possible, and got lost in the stories shared by people on the Moth. Since my commute shortened to 10 minutes (I know, so lucky!), I find myself listening to fewer podcasts these days, but there is one podcast I still make the time for - Nancy.

Nancy is a podcast that features queer stories and conversations. Nancy is hosted by two friends who describe themselves as "defenders of queer joy," and manage to balance the weightiness of their topics with fresh commentary. I keep coming back to Nancy because they give a platform for many voices who are not heard elsewhere, and because the content is just good. Covered topics include the struggles and joys of relationships (relatable whether you're queer or not), discrimination in the workplace and beyond, and how does healthcare actually work? Start listening because there are episodes that will make you laugh. Continue listening because there are episodes that will make you feel.

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